A Global Leader in In Vitro Diagnostics Migrates from Cloud-to-Cloud

Werfen Cloud to Cloud Migration case study | Binary Tree

To enhance the collaboration and productivity capabilities of their users, Werfen, a global leader in in vitro diagnostics, recently embarked on a cloud-to-cloud migration between SmartCloud and the Microsoft Office 365 cloud. Werfen, a multinational organization based in Spain, is a leading developer, manufacturer and distributer of in vitro testing solutions with over 5,400 users in 30 countries around the world.

The Decision to Move to the Microsoft Cloud

Werfen is a long-time Notes and Domino customer that moved to SmartCloud a few years ago. While being in the cloud offered some benefits, Werfen wanted to provide its users with new collaboration and productivity capabilities. They investigated Office 365 and decided to transition to the Microsoft cloud.

Taking on the Challenges of a Cloud-to-Cloud Migration

Werfen realized that moving to the Microsoft cloud would be a serious undertaking, especially since they would be moving from a disparate cloud provider. To ensure a smooth transition for their 5,400 users, Werfen determined that they needed solutions that would enable rich coexistence and a customized migration between SmartCloud and Office 365 along with guidance and support from a vendor experienced in this type of transition.

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