5 Ways to Take Remote Productivity to the Next Level

Remote Work Productivity | Binary Tree

Organizations around the world have been unexpectedly forced to move quickly to a work from home model. This has presented both challenges and opportunities. Many companies have had to pivot quickly and get their employees ready for working from home, but also they have had the opportunity to finally set up work from home best practices and perhaps implement those policies going forward.

As organizations look to enable agility and innovation, they struggle to find the most suitable role for training. This means that a lot of end-user employees are suddenly using tools and technology they may not be all too familiar with either. And if you are on Office 365, Microsoft updates their software faster than ever before. Enabling higher levels of adoption and effective use should be your main goal.

Key Challenges

  • Organizations often find it difficult to incorporate new digital workplace tools into end-users daily work processes and they fall back on tools they already know (like email).
  • New tools are often seen as inhibitors of speed, rather than means of supporting new ways of working.
  • Formal training practices do little to increase digital dexterity.

Different people absorb new technologies in different ways. Your engagement program should match that diversity with a multichannel training and communication plan. Here are 5 ways to tailor training to end-user preferences:

  1. Lunchtime and Learn sessions
  2. On-demand training
  3. Microlearning videos
  4. Employee newsletters or webinars
  5. Links to training materials and documentation

There should be one definitive place to get complete and up-to-date information (for example, a workstream collaboration channel). But beyond that, end-users should be free to choose which mix of channels suits them best and at a pace and time as well.

How can you ensure your end-users are fully adopting your collaboration tools and remaining productive, efficient and effective while working from home? Binary Tree is here to guide you every step of the way and show your end-users the ropes with our e-Learning library of on-demand Microsoft 365 courses. There’s confidence that comes when end-users are able to adapt to new technology quickly and improve their knowledge base. No matter what their current skill level, they’ll receive the support and tools they need to succeed.