A Cloud-First Strategy Leads a Scottish Council to Modernize to Office 365

Local Scottish Council case study | Binary Tree

As part of their cloud-first strategy, a local Scottish council needed to migrate their 3,200 Lotus Notes users to Office 365 and provide them with training resources to quickly become productive in the Microsoft cloud. The council government has a workforce of over 5,000 employees who provide the full range of local authority services to the over 105,000 residents who live and work there.

A Cloud-First Strategy Leads Them to Replace Their Aging Notes and Domino Email System

One of the key objectives of the council’s cloud-first strategy was to replace their aging on-premises Lotus Notes and Domino email system with a cloud-based solution. Notes was not giving them the functionality they wanted long-term and was not well liked by their users, so the decision was made to switch to Microsoft Exchange Online in the Office 365 cloud.

Defining the Requirements for Successfully Transitioning Users to Microsoft Office 365

While the council possessed a good internal team to perform the migration and was supplemented by knowledgeable partners in Vodaphone and Bell Integration, there were a couple of key capabilities that were missing. First off, they needed a tool to automate the migration of Notes email data to Office 365. And they also needed to supplement their training resources to properly onboard and educate their users on how to become productive in the Office 365 cloud. Based on the recommendation of their partners, the council brought in Binary Tree to fill in the missing capabilities.

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