A Seamless Migration of a Remote Workforce for a Food Services Divestment

Empact Migration of Remote Workforce case study | Binary Tree

The Southern Africa operations of one of the largest food service companies in the world was being divested and needed to migrate their users, identities, mail, and OneDrive content, to a new IT environment.

The Largest Food Service Company in the World Divests their Southern Africa Operations

Compass Group PLC, the largest food service company in the world, divested their Southern Africa operations and the new organization was planned to begin operating as Empact Group. The operations being divested included 13 separate historic businesses in four locations across South Africa and were known as specialists in providing quality food catering, cleaning, hygiene and pest control services.

The Challenge to Maintain Business-as-Usual During a Complex Transition

The divestment created a need for the new Empact Group to create its own independent IT environment without disrupting the day–to–day operations of their highly distributed workforce of end-users.

Empact Group’s IT team was faced with creating a new Active Directory (AD) environment and migrating the user profiles, servers and other objects from three legacy AD domains to the new AD domain. In addition, Empact needed to migrate the remote users to the new network without requiring them to login from an Empact office location.

Last, but not least, Empact needed to migrate their mail and OneDrive content from the legacy Office 365 tenant to a new tenant while allowing the users to continue to email each other, schedule appointments, and use both the legacy and new email domains, regardless of whether they were still on the old domain or had been migrated to the new tenant. This project served up one large buffet of requirements!

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