Pro Tip: Migrate and Merge Guest Accounts between Office 365 Tenants

Migrate and Merge Office 365 Tenants | Binary Tree

Organizations are increasingly looking to extend collaboration in Office 365 to partners, vendors, suppliers and other external parties. Support for these business-to-business interactions in Office 365 is available through Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) business-to-business (B2B) collaboration capabilities. Azure AD’s B2B lets you share your company’s Office 365 tenant by inviting guest users from any other organization, while maintaining control over your own corporate data. With Azure AD B2B, guest accounts use their own identity management solution, so there is no external administrative overhead for your organization. Sounds like an ideal path to extend your external collaboration, right? Yes, but only until you need to migrate and merge these guest accounts across tenants.

Customer concerns with guest accounts during a migration have been high and increasing over the past year. Security and permissions are their biggest concerns and for good reason. You see, guest accounts are like contact objects in that during a migration something must be done with them as they generally cannot co-exist with a normal migrated AD object. When using guest accounts, permissions and security are set for the guest account object.  Unfortunately, during a migration re-permissioning all data is just not feasible currently within Azure AD, and because of this, it can add significant complexity to an already complex enterprise migration.

To solve this enterprise-wide complex problem, the key is to merge newly migrated AD objects with pre-existing guest accounts in the target environment.  Binary Tree’s Power365 Directory Sync solution has the ability to minimize risk and complexity, by successfully creating/merging existing guest accounts. This will allow for the conversion of the B2B accounts in the target tenant to be used as regular AD accounts during a migration which prevents the need for re-acling target data that has been accessed by a guest account.

Binary Tree has migrated and merged guest accounts for many customers. We are a specialized cloud migration partner here to help you. Get expert guidance to simplify and accelerate your multi-tenant migrations while maintaining the highest of security standards. Contact us today for a demo, and let’s go forward together!