European Airline Departs from Parent Company to a New Office 365 Tenant

Airline Digital Transformation | Binary Tree

A popular and well-established European charter airline was being separated out from its parent organization and required a rapid migration of a large number of users to a new IT environment.

A Business Separation Triggered an IT Separation

Separating out a part of a business to create a new company is a challenging initiative for the business and for the IT department. To meet some very short and fixed deadlines, this European airline needed to complete a complex migration from the parent company’s Office 365 tenant to a new Office 365 tenant while minimizing any disruption to the end-users or the businesses.

A Challenging Hybrid Cloud Migration

A UK-based partner of Binary Tree was given the challenge to migrate over 2,200 users from the parent company’s Microsoft Office 365 tenant to a new Office 365 tenant. The scope of the project went beyond simply moving email and email users. They also needed to migrate shared mailboxes, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint sites.

Further adding to the complexity of the project was the fact that this wasn’t a cloud-only migration. The users had on-premises Active Directory accounts which were synchronized using Azure AD Connect. That meant that they would have to synchronize the users to a new on-premises Active Directory forest, and in turn, also synchronize the new forest to the new tenant before the Office 365 data could be synchronized. There were a lot of moving parts!

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