The Benefits of Microsoft 365 in the Era of Remote Working

Microsoft 365 and Teams Remote Working | Binary Tree

At Binary Tree, we are a mostly-remote workforce, way before COVID-19 was rapidly changing the way other companies, across the globe, did business.  In fact, for decades, we have had most of our employees working from home, utilizing leading-edge SaaS applications, and creating an environment with maximum productivity (and, might I add, happiness). 

We are also, probably not very surprisingly, big adopters of Microsoft 365 at Binary Tree.  From our projects and software helping thousands upon thousands of organizations move to Microsoft 365, we are strong believers in the benefits of Microsoft's solutions.  Remote working not only highlights the need for the solutions in the Microsoft 365 toolkit, but it can also bring out the additional benefits of Microsoft 365 when problems pop up. 

This weekend, after doing a little work on Saturday, my work laptop died.  I quickly reached out to our IT team, but I also wondered how I would get through Monday, without my laptop. Now, had we been in a traditional office building, I could have brought my laptop to IT, and I could perhaps have a new computer quickly.  But in a remote situation, I had to wait at least a day without a machine — and a lost day of productivity was not how I wanted to kick off my week!

Well that's where those benefits of Microsoft 365 come in very handy.  I was able to log into Outlook on my home laptop to make sure I was able to send and receive all of my emails.  Teams was just as handy -- and I had the choice to use the browser-based version or download and utilize the application. And, of course, with Microsoft 365 I was also able to use Excel, Word and Powerpoint seamlessly. With my documents in SharePoint and Teams, I have been able to pick up my tasks about as efficiently as ever.  And on Teams, I have been able to hop right in conversations, meetings, and file collaboration. 

Tomorrow, my new laptop will arrive, and by using the tools in Microsoft 365, I have not missed a bit of my task list for today.  Truly, I might have been more productive using other devices than I would have been in a traditional office, just sitting and waiting on a new laptop to be ready.  That’s the benefit of the cloud — you are ready to work anywhere, at any time, without interruption from failures of machines.  While computers may have issues, your data and productivity are safe.

And this personal story is a real example of why we help organizations move to Microsoft 365 — to benefit from the uninterrupted productivity in a fast-moving workplace without restrictions or boundaries.  If your organization may be newly experiencing remote work due to the 2020 pandemic, or if you are a company with a remote workforce that isn't fully adopting all that Microsoft 365 has to offer, you can contact us at Binary Tree for guidance on how you can ensure your teams are productive, even when problems occur.