Accelerating Cloud Migration Is the Key Piece for Moving Forward

Accelerating Cloud Migration | Binary Tree

Organizations are exploring ways to run their businesses with reduced staff and reduced IT budgets.  They're also rethinking their data centers.  Many organizations are also realizing first-hand that owning and managing on-prem data centers is not only expensive, but they are introducing overall risk for business resiliency. The combination of these pressures has created an opportunity for organizations to prioritize preparing for the future.

Critical success factors to accelerate cloud migration

  1. Prioritize assessments
    • Inventory your entire fleet – servers, databases and applications. This will help you in the decision making of what to target. Start with the least complex workloads to demonstrate quick wins. Resources that are capacity constrained, reaching end of support, need hardware refresh, or cloud ready are all great candidates.
  2. Anticipate complexities
    • From a people perspective, identify accountable owners to drive migration initiatives. Ensure IT and application development teams are on the same page. For the environment, start with the robust landing zone. It can help you begin on the right footing and architected and built out of your organizational standards. And remember management and governance post the migration. It is critical to monitor and manage your new cloud environment to improve your operational efficiencies both short- and long-term.
  3. Execute migrations step by step

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