Take Care of Your End-Users in a Migration

 Migrations and End Users | Binary Tree

During any type of a migration or integration (coexistence) project, it is important to never forget to prioritize the end-user experience. Any missteps during these types of projects can negatively impact end-users and result in a particularly negative outcome. Some of which could doom your project, and have it classified as a failure. What can you learn from this? How you build your plans around end-users is critical to the success of your project.

Happy end-users are productive end-users

End-users control the productivity of your organization, driving the bottom-line revenue. So, it is clear, then that you want your end-users to be satisfied and impacted as little as possible by your projects, whether you are performing a migration or establishing coexistence between directories or environments. That’s how it should be – to focus on a positive experience throughout the process. Happy users mean they are remaining productive and this is where Binary Tree can help. We have been assisting customers with successful projects – as a software and services provider – for many years, we have a good understanding of how to help you, as our customer, and ensure that the experience of your end-users is second to none.

How we ensure a good end-user migration experience

With the Power365® platform, we take care of the complete experience: from the in-house management team, to executing a successful project, to ensuring that end-users have the tools they need to continue to operate efficiently with minimal impact to their daily routine. With the Power365 Platform, you are able to orchestrate the project so that the platform takes care of the hard work. You can be assured that end-users are able to continue communication with internal users, external users, and their customers without worrying (or even knowing) what system they are on, if they are using the current domain name, or even if the outlook client they are using is connected to the right system. From an end-user perspective, a successful project is largely (or completely) unnoticed. For the most part, they do not need to know, or care to know, what is happening behind the scenes to make this happen. For end-users, it is business as usual – and that’s a successful project.

Contact us to discuss how to plan your migration around your end-users

The experience of your end-users is important to us. Contact us today to discuss how you can ensure your end-users are happy and productive throughout your migration project and beyond.