Powering Cloud-to-Cloud Migrations

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Power365® has been the leader in tech advancements in enterprise tenant-to-tenant migrations for nearly three years. From state-of-the-art coexistence and domain sharing to domain moves without downtime and the migration of mail, OneDrive, Teams and other content, Power365 has helped organizations move to, and within, the Microsoft 365 cloud.

During this time, customers have used Power365 in many different environments and configurations – hybrid (on-premises and cloud environments) to hybrid, hybrid to cloud, cloud to hybrid, multi-forest environments, and resource forests. Power365 and Power365 Directory Sync can even migrate mail and establish a unified GAL from on-premises servers, to give the flexibility you need to cover practically any organization.

Power365 now supports cloud-to-cloud migrations

With the rapid growth of cloud adoption, more and more organizations are moving to cloud-only environments, without any on-premises components. If your organization has a cloud-to-cloud or hybrid-to-cloud transformation in your plans you are also in luck – Power365 also can solve migration, email rewrite services, domain moves, and coexistence for 100% cloud-to-cloud and hybrid-to-cloud transformations.

New capabilities for moving within the Microsoft 365 cloud

Power365’s coexistence capabilities decrease the impact to end users by implementing a day one global address list (GAL), so they can communicate and collaborate seamlessly across directories. And, when you have a cloud-only project, you don’t have to worry about any local agents to install, saving time and preventing hassle.

With Power365’s cloud-only tenant support, you get intelligent provisioning where target objects are created based on the source object to save in manual configuration. You can also handle source users in a hybrid configuration and match them to a target cloud-only user setup. And to save time and resources, you don’t have to have separate projects to migrate shared mailboxes. Cloud-only mailboxes are easily handled in Power365 Integration projects, saving you time and management headaches.

Learn more about the cloud-to-cloud capabilities of Power365

Power365’s growth in cloud-to-cloud and hybrid-to-cloud transformation capabilities are a part of maintaining our commitment to the leading technology to serve growing market demands. To learn more about Power365, contact us today.