What’s New from Binary Tree for April 2020

 What's new from Binary Tree April 2020

Each month, we publish our “What’s New” blog series to give a snapshot into the exciting developments in our solution over the last month.  You can also sign up to receive product release notifications, here.

This past month's releases focus on even greater enhancements to the Power365® platform.  

Power365® now has a direct link to our e-Learning solution, to aid in helping your teams get up to speed on all of the latest features of Microsoft 365 (being renamed by Microsoft from Office 365 this month!).  With e-Learning, you can maximize your productivity of all that Microsoft 365 has to offer, getting the most out of your Microsoft investment. And, while you are using Power365 for migration, domain solutions, or coexistence between environments, you have a direct link to learn about e-Learning right in the software.

Power365® Directory Sync delivers more flexibility in options to update matched objects, giving more control over objects created in target environments.  The new “Update Created Object” option gives you the choice of how to handle update operations when objects are created. 

Power365® Active Directory continues to gain new functionality every month, with the advent of a Network Settings page, to give the power to enable and configure a web proxy within the Active Directory agent installer engine. The Device Status table has been expanded with columns and categories to give even more insight for fast actions in addressing project status, all making for a more efficient project.  And Access Controls are now in Power365 Active Directory, so that users can get an Operator assignment, restricting functions that can be accessed in the software.  This helps security and helps ensure that the project remains under control of the right users. Contact a Binary Tree Active Directory expert today to learn more about Power365 Active Directory. 

Power365® Tenant-to-Tenant has gained three significant features, Integrated Directory Sync enhancements, cloud to cloud and hybrid to cloud migration developments, and Business-to-Business directory synchronization updates. 

If you are like many in IT today, your organization is likely in sudden need to quickly establish Microsoft 365 collaboration between your partners (B2B organizations) or customers (B2C) and you need an easy way to invite or provision Guest accounts in bulk, set up Global Address Lists in Exchange Online, and keep new hires, separations, and renames in synchronization for the foreseeable future. We are delighted to announce that Power365® Directory Synchronization is releasing its first of many features supporting Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) business-to-business (B2B) Guest accounts. Soon you will be able to choose which type of user account you want created in your destination Azure AD. Choose between creating a standard member user account, a mail contact, a guest account, or an invitation to a cross-tenant user. Manage which users are visible in Exchange Online and keep all these different identities in synchronization between your partners and customers for as long as it is a requirement.

In addition to B2B Guest accounts and sharing online resources, Power365 can help you set up coexistence mail steering, and calendar sharing between your different organizations. Avoid CSV uploads, complicated scripts, monotonous portal processes and continuous manual updates when a user state changes.

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