Does Migration Speed Matter?

 Does Migration speed matter? | Binary Tree

When it comes to migration projects, a question that is often asked – and maybe not necessarily out loud – is “Does speed really matter?” That is, does it matter how fast mailboxes, users, content, groups, Teams, or other critical business items are moved to target locations? It’s an interesting question because there is no correct answer, or at least, there is no blanket answer for all situations. Speed does matter, of course. You wouldn’t want your mailbox migration of 2,000 users to take 4 years to complete, for example! So, it’s really more a question of how much speed matters – where should speed rank in terms of your priority list?

Migration speed is one of many factors to consider

The importance of speed depends on your goals for your project and what type of experience you want for your end-users. On one hand, if you have a smaller migration with a small end-user base, you may want to do a one-time migration over a weekend and have all of your users fully on the new, target environment by Monday morning. However, based on my experience that also means that you are inherently taking a lot of risk into your project. It may not be clear and obvious at first glance, but that speed could come at a risk of sacrificing the end-user experience or by limiting many other factors that might matter to you, like support availability, synchronized directories, additional content migration, or even handling domains and workflows.

The overall end-user experience should be your primary focus

I recommend taking the approach of focusing on the overall end-user experience, where speed is not the primary factor, though it should be taken into consideration. With a positive end-user experience over your migration, you ensure that the integration of the environments has been orchestrated, which then ensures your end-users can communicate without any impact or roadblocks to business productivity. With that established, you can then take a more pragmatic approach to moving your end-users from one platform to another.

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