Do You Want to Acquire Features or Ensure Outcomes?

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When taking on any new project, the first thing we usually think about is “What problem do I need to solve?” And then that is quickly followed up with, “What do I need to do to ensure the customer is happy?” Ultimately, that means that we need to make sure that your end-users, as our customers, have a positive experience throughout your migration project – that the solution solves the problem at hand, and it leaves everyone in the organization satisfied with the end-user experience. This is an outcome-based approach, and it differs from a feature-driven solution. What I mean is that first, we need to focus on your overall experience as a customer, and we need to ensure that you are satisfied with the solution you have chosen – and of course, that it solves your problem that required the project.

A focus on successful outcomes

From our perspective as a software company, once the problem is identified – for example a merger or acquisition – the solution would be to make sure that your business, through your end-users, can continue to work productively while the two organizations are merging. In short, we have to have a solution – or an entire platform of solutions in the case of Power365® -- which can combine these different environments, connecting them so that end-users can communicate, collaborate, and move between different environments, bringing the data they need to the new environment, without any interruption to their productivity. This solves both the problem requiring the project, but it is also how we ensure end-users are satisfied.

Ensuring all stakeholders are aligned on the end-user experience

During business activities like mergers and acquisitions, the projects can be complex and stressful for organizations. So, we also take into account the perspective of the team that tackles project execution, administration, and management. We, as solution providers, have to make sure that the execution team can easily complete the tasks necessary to orchestrate the project. Having everything needed for that success all in the Power365 platform is a critical factor for that effort. We also make sure that customers are successful with a worldwide support team of experts, available to be there for you, as a customer, whenever you need our assistance, or guidance, in a project.

Learn more about how we ensure the end-user experience

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