Creating an M&A Playbook

 MnA Playbook | Binary Tree

Technology teams are often highly skilled at taking a request from the business and coming up with the required strategies, requirements, and challenges. You can take this skill and apply it to mergers and acquisitions, too.

Put together an M&A playbook that describes how your technology team approaches an M&A. Document common factors, risks, or challenges that can speed—or impede—the M&A. Then make sure to socialize this resource with your executives.

Examples of things to think about:

  • Which technology systems are most compatible with yours? Will you need to get everyone on the same platform? If so, what’s the level of effort and timeline to integrate common systems?
  • Does the target have relatively high security? If not, how might their level of security pose a risk to your organization?
  • Does the target use different data definitions? How might these affect your goals for cross-selling or vertical integration?
  • Is the target’s system portfolio evolving or static? If it’s static, why? Are there bigger issues here, like outdated, inconsistent processes or dysfunctional business controls? 

More than 50% of organizations reach out for technology help with an M&A. It’s a great opportunity to bring in a seasoned partner like Binary Tree who can help smooth the process and refine your M&A playbook.

Binary Tree has supported thousands of enterprise mergers and acquisitions.  We’ve worked on the largest and most complex M&A transactions on the planet. Our end-to-end enterprise M&A solutions enable organizations to achieve their business and integration goals.

To find out more about what we can do for you, get in touch. We look forward to working with you on your next merger or acquisition.