Beware of SmartCloud End-of-Life Risks

 SmartCloud EOL Risks | Binary Tree

The last thing a CIO wanted to read over this past summer was the SmartCloud end-of-life (EOL) notice from HCL. Business is hectic enough – with security threats, budget cuts, employee and system performance targets, customer satisfaction reports and digital transformation objectives to be met – without needing to now go through another risk assessment process for a soon-to-be legacy cloud environment.

So, the inevitable question is usually, “Does it really matter if I maintain my SmartCloud Notes environment beyond its EOL date?”

Here are the 5 risks you need to be aware of if you decide to continue running SmartCloud after it’s EOL date of July 16, 2020:

  1. Jackpot for hackers
  2. Compliance violations
  3. Higher operating costs
  4. Barrier to digital transformation
  5. Inferior product and software incompatibility

Simply put, there’s no bulletproof way to remain on SmartCloud after its EOL. The potential risks outweigh the rewards, even if you’re tight on budget. So what’s the solution? 

With an adequate understanding of the risks involved, advanced planning, and help from solutions like Binary Tree’s Notes Migrator CMT, you can identify and automate your migration away from your SmartCloud end-of-life environment to a new environment, such as Microsoft Office 365, in the coming months. Contact us today to discuss your SmartCloud EOL options.