New Binary Tree Enhancements will be on Display at Microsoft Ignite 2019

 Unlimited Star Power | Binary Tree

Over the past year, we have learned a lot of lessons and listened to our enterprise customer’s feedback. We are very excited to introduce many new Binary Tree enhancements at Microsoft Ignite November 4th – 7th in Orlando, FL.

  • Expanded Scheduling to include Creation, Licensing, Migration and Finalization – We’ve always been able to schedule your syncs, their frequency and quantity. Now you can also schedule when your users are created, licensed and completed. Just assign a schedule to a wave of users and you’re done; it’s that simple. For more on Migration Schedules, visit our Online Help Center.
  • Custom User Cutover Notifications – Automatic emails are sent to users when their mailbox has been moved so that they may cutover their Outlook client. Expanding on this capability, we’ve added the ability to customize and brand the emails as your own. You can even create different ones for different groups of users. For example, if you want to append special instructions to your users in sales, just assign them a different migration profile with a custom cutover notification. That’s it!
  • Improved Dashboard & Troubleshooting Capabilities – Through our Business Partner channel, we gathered tremendous feedback about how to better service our clients with relevant, real-time information to help them make quick, logical decisions. With the improved dashboard experience you can now see at a glance your overall project status, what migrations have errors and need attention, and what activities are currently running. In addition, we’ve added a comprehensive error view where you can drill down into a user’s most recent and historical errors to determine what appropriate actions to take next without the need to download the entire job log.
  • Expanded Role Based Access Controls – Divesting users, data and other shared resources to a new environment can be challenging, and divesting assets adds an extra element of security that may not be present during mergers and acquisitions. Power365 continues to respond to market needs for a more secure platform that can securely divest your users and their assets without the fear of having the wrong user or data moved. With our newly added “Migration Operator” Role, you can now assign a very limited scope of operations for the team running your migrations to perform. Most importantly, they won’t be able to add, remove or modify any users or shared resources you feed into the application. You even have the choice of whether you want to control those lists of eligible resources through the application or from your own Active Directory. That’s right, Power365 lets you securely control which users and resources are actionable in the application from your secure local Active Directory groups. Simply add a member to a defined group, sync the member to Office 365 and we’ll add it to your application. Conversely, if you decide a user is no longer moving, just remove them from the defined group and the application will reflect the change during the next discovery! For further insights into our Application Roles, please visit our Online Help Center.
  • Implemented Minimal Access Model – Security is paramount when moving users and shared resources between Office 365 tenants. That’s why Power365 has hardened its requirements to provide a Tenant-to-Tenant migration and integration solution that requires the minimal Office 365 Administrator Roles and Permissions required to migrate your data. Power365 only assigns the minimal Administrator Roles that allow Power365 to move a user’s mailboxes and files in Exchange Online and SharePoint Online. We only grant mailbox access during the migration, not before and not for everyone, only those being migrated – thus keeping the access footprint low. If that isn’t enough, we have solutions that provide a least privilege model whereby the Exchange Admin role is not required for Mailbox users. If you would like to understand more about Power365 Application Permissions and Platform Security then come by the Online Help Center and give it a search.
  • Easier, Quicker Project Setup – The Project setup experience has been shortened, stream-lined and made easier to navigate for any global updates you may need to make to your project. Simply click the Setup action on your project dashboard to edit your project configuration.
  • Support for DMARC with Email Rewrite Services – DMARC is an email authentication protocol that is designed to give email domain owners the ability to protect their domain from unauthorized use, commonly known as email spoofing. It is increasingly becoming paramount that organizations further protect themselves from vulnerabilities with email by using technologies like DMARC, TLS, SPF and DKIM. As enterprises adopt these technologies, Power365 Email Rewrite Services (ERS) must meet the challenge. With ERS, you can feel safe that your email is flowing securely while being rewritten to share domains between Office 365 tenants. If you want to do a deep dive into DMARC, be sure to visit our Online Help Center.
  • Improved Online Help Center – Visit our new Online Help Center. We’ve improved our look and our content. Come check out the latest improvements in organization, formatting, depth of content and availability of different sources and formats. We have common FAQs, Diagrams, How-To Guides, Video tutorials, a Demonstration Library, blogs and White Papers. We will continue to invest in consolidating and simplifying the online help experience of our entire platform.
  • Expanded Early Adopter (EA) Program – The EA program has increasingly become a paramount tool for gathering real-world experience with limited exposure to expert audiences to improve the delivery, on-boarding and overall quality of the offerings delivered. This year we have completed multiple EA programs and began to build a network of trusted advisors. If you are interested in trying out the latest tech, features and solutions, please sign-up for the EA program and help us shape the future of the platform.


We look forward to connecting with you about all the ways Binary Tree can help you unleash your UNLIMITED STAR POWER. Come visit our product team and solution architects at booth #1535 to learn more about our SaaS solutions. See you next week!