4 Options to Automate your Tenant-to-Tenant Migrations

 Options to Automate your Tenant-to-Tenant Migrations | Binary Tree

On the surface, tenant-to-tenant migrations may seem straightforward. But there are some unique challenges that come when you migrate across tenants of Microsoft Office 365, such as setting up the automation itself, which takes time. We often find that our clients spend as much or more time on this upfront planning phase as they do on the migration itself. That’s because Office 365 is complex, with various interdependent workloads. These interdependencies can make your migration less straightforward and more complex to navigate.

To begin venturing down the road of automating your tenant-to-tenant migrations, first, you’ll need to configure your tenants to make sure basic features keep working during the migration. Next is to do an assessment to pinpoint exactly what you need to move—and what you don’t. As you get a better picture of what you need to migrate, you can choose the most effective migration method.

Below are four options to choose from to automate your tenant-to-tenant migrations. Each of the options comes with its own pros and cons:

Option 1: Do it yourself. This is where you write your own scripts to automate the migration. The pro here is that you can deeply customize your migration to your needs. But unless you’re a whiz at migrations, writing your own scripts can be a time-consuming option, with much trial and error.

Option 2: Download a homegrown script. There are often quite a few homegrown scripts available on the Internet. Grabbing one of these can be tempting to save time and money and avoid recreating the wheel. But it’s unlikely that someone else’s script will be flexible enough to address all of the unique requirements in your organization.

Option 3: Use a Microsoft tool. Migration tools provided by Microsoft can work well for smaller migrations with a limited scope. But it always comes back to the old adage: you get what you pay for. Free tools tend not to give you the flexibility and scale you need for larger enterprise migrations. Instead, Microsoft often relies on its network of partners to enable customers with more complex migrations.

Option 4: Lean on third-party software and services. This is often your best bet to automate your migration. Binary Tree’s solution to migrate between tenants of Office 365, Power365, automates the migration of your critical mailboxes, users, files, groups, content and permissions to a new tenant of Office 365. It also keeps tenants in sync while you migrate, all without requiring downtime. And it’s flexible enough to handle even the most complex enterprise transformations.

In fact, many of our clients often come to us after having gone down the path of one or more of the options above. Binary Tree’s solutions have migrated millions of users for thousands of global enterprises. We have been doing migrations day in and day out for over two decades. We power enterprise transformations and we enable organizations everywhere to transform and manage change with the Microsoft cloud. Contact us today to learn more about Power365 and our tenant-to-tenant migration strategies.