Top 10 FAQs for Offboarding SmartCloud

10 FAQs doe Offboarding SmartCloud | Binary Tree

The timeline to transition off SmartCloud Notes has been set by HCL, and it’s less than 8 months.  If you haven’t previously considered this transition, time has come for such consideration.  Here are the frequently asked questions we are hearing from our clients when planning to offboard SmartCloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I have a contract containing SmartCloud offerings. Can I renew or extend my term?

A1.  Yes, you can execute a one-time contract extension up until the end-date of July 15, 2020. You can also request to end your contract earlier, if you have completed your migration off the SmartCloud platform. 

 Q2. My contract expires on December 31, 2020, can I continue to use SmartCloud until that date?

A2.  No. The SmartCloud service will be shut down on July 16, 2020. You should complete your migration off SmartCloud before the end-of service. 

Q3.  How do I know if I’m actively using SmartCloud?

A3.  You are considered active on email if you have created cloud email accounts for users. For collaboration services offered in the cloud, you are considered active if you log in and use the collaboration services such as Profiles, Blogs, Communities, Wikis, etc. on a monthly basis. 

Q4: As a SmartCloud customer, can I anticipate any updates on the existing cloud in alignment with the HCL roadmap? 

A4: No. According to HCL, there will be no further enhancements made during this period to SmartCloud, with the exception of critical fixes and security updates. This may leave your cloud environment at risk.  

Q5: Will I be able to keep my audio-conferencing service as part of the IBM Meetings Cloud?  

A5. No. The audio conferencing is used only in conjunction with the Meetings service, which will terminate on July 16, 2020

Q6. Can I cancel or terminate my cloud service earlier than my contract end-date?

A6. If you have completed your migration off SmartCloud, or if you are not actively using SmartCloud, then yes you would be allowed to request termination of your contract.

Q7.  How do I cancel my service?

A7. First, you will need to complete your migration off SmartCloud. Once you have completed your migration, please contact your cloud provider to request termination of contract. 

Q8.  Can you recommend an alternative to SmartCloud? 

A8.  With advanced planning, and help from solutions like Binary Tree’s Notes Migrator CMT, you can identify and automate your migration away from your SmartCloud end-of-life environment to a new environment, such as Microsoft Office 365, in the coming months.

Q9. What is the offboarding process?

A9.  Without diving into too much detail, here are the key steps of the offboarding process:

  • Removal of the mail subscription from the user’s SmartCloud record
  • Replication of the SmartCloud mail file to another Domino Server
  • Removal of the SmartCloud mail file

Performing these steps for 1 or 2 users is tedious, but fairly straight forward.  Once the numbers go up, you need automation to maintain any order and to avoid administration chaos, lost mail, and angry end-users. 

Q10.  Where can I get more information?

A10. If you would like to speak to a cloud migration expert, who specializes in offboarding SmartCloud and planning for enterprise migrations, please contact us today to discuss your SmartCloud end-of-service options.