What’s New from Binary Tree for May 2019

What's New From Binary Tree

Each month, we publish our “What’s New” blog series to give a snapshot into the exciting developments in our solution over the last month.  You can also sign up to receive product release notifications, here.

This past month's releases focus on enhancements to the usability and performance for Power365® Tenant to Tenant and Power365® Directory Sync.

Power365 Tenant-to-Tenant continues to improve the overall user experience to make multi-tenant transformations easier for enterprises.  To continue on a model where organizations can determine access rights on projects, Power365 now has different project types to adapt to organizational needs – for Migration and Integration projects.  And now, with the latest release of Power365, One Drive migration can be done completely independent of Mail migration projects.  So you can use Power365 for One Drive migration at any time – even if you don’t have a greater mail, archive, user, or even integration project on hand.  In addition, One Drive migration performance reporting has been enhanced.  See more details (including the full release notes) in the Power365 Help Center.

Power365 Directory Sync also has gained several enhancements based on user feedback, including using Secure LDAP when available – and Standard LDAP if Secure LDAP is unavailable – showing continual awareness and monitoring of Security Standards.  Data Sets have been updated with several improvements, with the ability to edit value entries just by double clicking, reducing the steps needed in project administration.  Finally, workflows have been improved in several aspects, including adding a “Last Reconciled” field for more awareness.  And, within workflows, a Delete Objects tasks is now available to expand configuration between objects and matching/deletion controls.  More details can be found in the Power365 Directory Sync Help Center.

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