Power365® Enhancements Deliver Business Value for Partners

Power365 | Binary Tree

Over the last two years, Power365® has led the industry in delivering multi-tenant Office 365 transformations for both day one collaboration and day plus-one migration.  We have continued to evolve Power365 with monthly updates, along with significant releases along the way.  During this journey, we have heard feedback from our partners and our end-user customers.  You have told us what is great about Power365 and we have heard what we could do to make Power365 even better.   As a result, we are releasing significant enhancements to Power365, all based on valuable input!  These changes are twofold: improvements to design and feature functionality, and enhancements to how our partners can use Power365 to serve clients better in tenant-to-tenant projects.

First, we have been listening to how we could make Power365 more user-friendly for organizations.  The overall themes of the feedback centered on a better user experience, enhanced security, and more customer control over access rights.   We have changed the game for migrations, removing the constraints others place on mail and archive migrations, with a truly unlimited experience.  There are no arbitrary caps of 50 GB in content, no need to buy more licenses to move archives, and no restrictions on the number of passes.  We have expanded our security, being ISO 27001, Privacy Shield and CA Veracode Team Verified – not to mention being compliant with GDPR regulations.   And that’s not all.  With the latest release of Power365, new features include:

  • A simplified navigation experience with a more user-friendly wizard
  • Faster onboarding and issue resolution with an improved support model
  • Self-service expansion by making remediation easier for administrators
  • Better alerts and notifications
  • An improved migration engine for a better experience
  • Support for multi-factor authentication
  • An enhanced project management dashboard
  • A minimized access model to be more business-friendly
  • Expansion of support in multiple Azure Geos, including the United States, Western Europe and China

That’s a lot of feedback-based enhancement to Power365, but we are not stopping there. In the coming months, we are building on this momentum to deliver even more advancements in multi-tenant migration and collaboration to make projects more efficient and successful than ever.

Finally, in big news for our excellent partners, we are giving certified partners keys to unlock the potential of Power365.  With detailed training and a new certification program, partners can drive more business with Power365.  Certified partners can deliver all of the services of Power365 tenant transformations, unleashing more potential for multi-tenant projects.  Partners can reach out to Binary Tree representatives to inquire more on Power365 Certification.

We are excited about these enhancements to Power365, and we are even more excited for what’s to come throughout the remainder of 2019.  With feedback and partnership from our customers and partners alike, we will continue to build upon the best multi-tenant solution available in the industry!

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