Power365 Migration Can Now Migrate Microsoft Teams

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Part of my job as a Product Manager here at Binary Tree is to keep my eye on the market.  This means understanding trends in businesses and how they relate to what we do, and translating that into how our tools can evolve and grow. 

I have been hearing about Microsoft Teams for 2 years now.  To me, Teams has had this air of mystery to it.  Nobody really understood what it was for, or how to use it.  Plus, if your entire group wasn’t using it, then it really wasn't effective. 

Meanwhile, while all of the chatter about Teams was growing, we have been diligently working on Power365 and expanding its overall scope and capabilities.  We've always been about migration and integration of mail and directory synchronization, but with Microsoft Office 365 taking off, we've had to expand to include Microsoft Office 365 Groups, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft OneNote.   

Throughout all of that the push for Teams and the chatter about it has continued.  Suddenly companies were asking us if we have a strategy for migrating Teams.  The challenge there is that Teams is not just this thing that you can pick up and move somewhere else.  Teams is a conglomeration of multiple tools, all brought together in one space, where users can collaborate in a variety of ways.  So did we have a strategy for Teams?

Power365 Migration Can Migrate Microsoft Teams

The simple answer is yes.  The more complex one is that we've been building our way to Teams all along.  Now that we can migrate OneDrive for Business and OneNote, and sync Office 365 Groups, we have built a solid foundation for Teams migration.  With several other new features in the works - Channels, Conversations, and a streamlined way to create new Teams or convert your existing Office 365 Groups into Teams at cutover, the story will continue to be told.  That won't be the end though, we'll keep on building as Microsoft keeps on evolving.  Keep an eye out, because we're just getting going!  

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