Meet our team: Asif Khan

Meet Asif Khan, who’s been with Binary Tree for 5 years and who leads his team with unequivocal passion and enthusiasm.

 Asif Khan | Binary Tree

What do you do?

I initially pursued my career in medicine and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Biology. Upon graduating I got married and life brought forth new challenges which I took on with a smile. Dealing with school loans and family life I decided it wasn’t in my best interest to continue a path forward in medicine which would put more weight on my shoulders as medical schools can be ridiculously expensive. In pursuit of happiness I turned to IT and fell in love with it ever since. As a pre-med you are always trained to research, design an analytic experiment to prove validity of your study, and finally help humanity. I was able to utilize the very same methods within IT to help companies who in turn are making broader differences to benefit humanity. 

How did your career journey lead you to Binary Tree?

Prior to joining Binary Tree as a full-time employee, I did consulting and management for over 8 years. I was always intrigued by new technology challenges that I faced across various companies as it always pushed me to the next tier and gave me exposure to complex environments. Upon starting a family, I decided to pursue my career as a full-time employee. Interviewing across various companies I picked Binary Tree because of their vision and innovative products. I still remember how fascinated I was with E2E complete (Exchange Pro) especially after performing migration using Quest tools at my previous gig. The software consisted of a discovery process which pulled all the data within UI and allowed you to manage your project effortlessly. That showed this company lives by the very same principles as I mentioned above, research, design, and help companies migrate seamlessly.

What technology advancement in your career has surprised you the most?

I am surprised how cloud technology has innovated the IT market.  Technology is at its peak modernizing our future to the next level.

What’s your proudest career moment?

I have two proudest career moments. The first when I was hired as a consultant to manage Symantec Enterprise vault and Exchange for a huge company. During my first week the Symantec enterprise vault server crashed, and I was able to not only bring it back up but found a lot of configuration mishaps that did not comply with best practice. The region director and other management personals came down to my office and personally thanked me and even offered me a full-time job.

The second proudest career moment for me would be achieving Binary Tree 2018 Recognition of Excellence award. 

What drives you?

Satisfying customers’ needs and brightening their day by coaching them through any struggles they may stumble upon as their success is my success.

What industry shift will our clients need to be on the lookout for soon?

Microsoft is endlessly investing in Microsoft Azure and they continue to introduce new features for the cloud platform. Thus, our clients can expect a lot more come from Azure.