What's New from Binary Tree for February 2019

What's New from Binary Tree

Each month, we publish our “What’s New” blog series to give a snapshot into the exciting developments in our solutions.  You can also sign up to receive product release notifications, here.

This month's releases focus on enhancements to the usability and performance for both  Power365® and Power365® Directory Sync.

Power365 Tenant-to-Tenant has several enhancements to improve the overall user experience.  Reports are more easily accessible by users, and data can be stored by the size and archive sizes.  Power365 now has reduced administrator roles and graph permissions, following a minimal access model, based on customer feedback.  Additional migration options, as well as sync options, are also available to expand the flexibility of Power365 for your organization.  See more details (including the full release notes) in the Power365 Help Center.

Power365 Directory Sync has gained the ability to schedule repeated reconciles in the general environment settings, adding the breadth of the application.  The dashboard has been refreshed with more information accessible to administrators.  And, in addition to many other improvements, based on customer feedback, job logs are now saved more often, to help provide more visibility during running workflows.  More details can be found in the Power365 Directory Sync Help Center.

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