6 reasons to hire an IT partner for your M&A

IT is often the linchpin of a merger. Gartner says that more than 50% of integration activities are tied to IT. So one of the best things you can do to increase your chances of a successful merger is to integrate your IT quickly and smoothly. You need to stay on schedule, on budget, and online. But when it comes to mergers, this is easier said than done.

That’s why many organizations look for outside help. A 2017 report from Osterman Research shows that nearly 50% of organizations use third-party migration products. And 33% choose to hire an IT partner. Here are 6 things that a partner brings to the table.

Stretch your staff

To keep your users productive and positive, you should plan and execute a merger at lightning speed, with minimal disruption. At the same time, your IT team needs to keep delivering on key projects outside the merger. But it’s often a stretch to do both. So a quick solution is to bring in pinch hitters from the outside who can be dedicated to your merger for as long as you need.

Work with an expert

Unless your organization is a serial merger, it’s likely that this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your IT staff. Because this is such a high-stakes project, it’s best not to risk learning as you go. Instead, this is a great opportunity to partner with someone who’s done this often. Someone who has the battle scars to prove it. And someone who knows exactly what to do to prevent you from getting scars of your own.

Speed the process

When it comes to mergers, it’s all about speed. You’ll likely have to work under an aggressive timeline. That’s because the more quickly organizations can integrate, the more quickly they can produce results together. So there’s little room for false starts or slowdowns. Your partner can come in and help you plan the most predictable path to merging IT systems. They’ll help you accurately estimate timelines and costs and can help you sidestep roadblocks.

Get an unbiased opinion

A partner can come in with fresh eyes to more accurately assess your risk, timeline, and cost. They know exactly what to look for in all the crooks and crannies of your systems. They know the right questions to ask. They’ll leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding gotchas that might stall your merger.

Knowledge transfer

Your partner can also bring a wealth of industry experience to share with both your IT team and your end users. To start, your IT team can learn a lot from shadowing someone who’s done this before. This knowledge transfer can help them more easily solve problems that crop up later. Or even better prepare them to help with future M&As. And if you’re migrating users to a new tool, you’ll need to train them how to use it. This is another great area in which a partner can save your in-house team a lot of time on onboarding, training, and help desk support.

Reduce risk

As we talked about in an earlier post, anywhere from 70-90% of M&As don’t see the value they expect. Those are some huge numbers. But an experienced partner can help reduce this risk. They bring a proven process that’s gone through trial by fire. This helps improve the quality of the experience for your IT team and, ultimately, for your end users.

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