5 reasons to engage a partner for your technology transformation

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We recently saw an interesting stat about digital transformation: 72% of executives think it’s critical for their organization to transform to be competitive in this digital world. Yet only 15% of them feel their organization is nimble enough to transform in a significant way. Nearly identical numbers were also reported by Forrester.

This points to an execution gap. Companies want to transform, but it’s not always clear how they can do it. And it’s often not easy to find the time, particularly in companies with hundreds to thousands of people who are busy with day-to-day tasks.

One key thing you can do to expedite the process is to outsource your technology transformation. You can bring in a team of experts to get you on the latest tools more quickly and smoothly. The right partner can help you:

  • Bridge the gap between planning and execution
  • Avoid schedule and budget overruns
  • Avoid disrupting users
  • Free up key team members from tedious tasks
  • Tailor the migration to your needs

Bridge the gap between planning and execution

It’s one thing to plan for change. It’s an entirely different thing to carry it out, particularly across large companies with thousands of employees. Teams are often too busy with their day-to-day tasks to also shoulder the burden of migration. So when you bring in a partner to take care of the technology piece, you get a team that’s dedicated to your migration. This helps makes sure that your transformation happens on time, on budget, and with minimal disruption.

Avoid schedule and budget overruns

Transformation projects tend to stretch longer than everyone initially thinks. In our experience, 66% of these projects are delayed, 76% cause downtime, and 70% overrun their schedule. All of this means that the project costs can start to snowball. We’ve done the math—even a 1-week delay can cost up to $100,000 in overruns and remediation.

By working with the right partner, you can avoid these types of delays. They can help you plan accordingly and catch issues before they slow you down.

Avoid disrupting users

For larger companies, you often can’t migrate everyone in a single weekend. It can take weeks or months of migrating people in batches. So this is another area in which even a minor hiccup can have a major impact. For a company with 5,000+ users, even 1 hour of downtime can cost up to $125,000 in lost productivity. If you’re not 100% confident in your own ability to keep everyone up and running in the midst of migration, it’s better to engage a partner with a proven track record of keeping everything going smoothly.

Free up key team members from tedious tasks

While necessary, migration often isn’t the most scintillating of tasks. When you bring in a partner to take care of the technology piece, you free up your in-house IT team from the tedious tasks of moving users and data. This lets them focus on other things that only they can do—like championing the change, updating supporting processes, and keeping up with their ongoing work of supporting the business.

Tailor the migration to your needs

Often, software alone isn’t enough for an effective transformation. You might need someone to come in and take a deep look at your infrastructure, as well as your business, ask the right questions, and root out your unique edge cases and idiosyncrasies. With this type of tailored approach, you get a more complete picture of what you need to migrate. Which means you can also more accurately predict how long the migration will take—and make it happen more smoothly.

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