3 Traits of successful CIOs in the era of digital business

Traits of Successful CIOs

Digital business transformation offers both opportunities and challenges. CIOs need to be decisive as new projects emphasize quick decision making and rapid experimentation with bold, new ideas. One extremely important trait CIOs should possess is the need to forge solid collaborative relationships with key stakeholders — customers, IT and business leadership, cross-functional teams, service providers, and partners. Gain the trust of these key stakeholders, so they will share information and offer candid views.

In the era of digital business transformation, successful CIOs are: 

  1. Prepared for "creative destruction" and focus on ideas that leapfrog ahead, rather than on incremental innovation.
  2. Instituting a "venture capital" mindset that recognizes that new technologies may be volatile, but when successful the benefits are significant.
  3. Leveraging specific, measurable, actionable, relevant and time-bound objectives as much as possible, while establishing and communicating clear success criteria and targeting improvements.

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