SmartCloud End of Life: Turn Lemons into Lemonade and Finally Migrate Notes to Office 365

SmartCloud End of Life solution | Binary Tree

When HCL Technologies announced it was acquiring select collaboration products in IBM’s portfolio, most customers and die-hard IBM’ers immediately thought their future looked bright. However, in less than a year, the acquisition has become a challenge for the most loyalists amongst them. HCL wants to shut down the Softlayer infrastructure on which SmartCloud Notes, Verse, Domino Applications and Connections Cloud were built without offering a new public cloud destination for customers. So, what does this all mean?

HCL announced that they are discontinuing the current offerings with no plans to provide a like for like replacement. As for the possible future, HCL is recommending customers migrate to:  

  • A new HCL Cloud as a SaaS platform - which is still being conceptualized and then built from the ground up
  • Private cloud or on-premises deployments
  • Partner-led cloud hosting

One day, HCL ideally wants to make their solutions run on any Cloud in the future, including Microsoft Azure. But that future is well-after the current IBM SmartCloud infrastructure is shut down. And once it is shutdown, there is no guarantee, as of yet, exactly what the future holds for their customers, since HCL management has not yet shared such vision with their customers.

Either way, customers are facing Notes mail migration and data migration from SmartCloud to another provider or even back to their own data center - something surely not planned and budgeted. Most customers may prefer moving to another Cloud-based email, such as Microsoft Office 365, than turning to a hosted offering for their current platform. Thousands of other legacy Notes customers have used Binary Tree’s Notes Migrator CMT to migrate millions of users  to Microsoft Office 365 platform, and many of those remaining on SmartCloud today are sure to follow suit.

End of service for SmartCloud is on July 16, 2020. This leaves companies a rather short period of time to move off SmartCloud. These organizations need to act fast in order to meet the given timeline. At Binary Tree, we have proven that such enterprise migrations to Microsoft Office 365 are very well possible in 6-12 months. Contact us today to discuss your SmartCloud end of life options.