Define a Roadmap for Your Culture Change Journey

Define a Roadmap for Business Culture Change | Binary Tree

CIOs recognize that culture is both a barrier and an enabler of digital transformation change journey. But they often fail to address the problem directly by defining a roadmap for their culture change journey and then executing assessments and change activities.

Here are a few key challenges most change leaders, including CIOs, are faced with today:

  • Do not have a clear understanding of the existing organizational culture beyond a high-level sense.
  • Do not assess their culture in any meaningful way and, thus, are often unaware whether the change efforts are effective.
  • Do not create or execute an effective, yet flexible culture change program.

CIOs looking to master leadership, culture and people dynamics should:

  • Define the culture change journey by leveraging a programmatic roadmap.
  • Measure change in culture strength by leveraging multiple appropriate methods and conducting initial and ongoing assessments along the journey toward culture change goals.
  • Expand culture change capability over time by allocating time, attention, capabilities, funding and other resources to this significant work. This includes staffing organizational change management roles and communicating repeatedly and effectively. 

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