Product Support: An Overlooked Aspect to Enabling Project Success

Product Support | Binary Tree

When you evaluate software vendors for various projects, there are a few go-to criteria that are at the top of every list: price, vendor reputation, technical capabilities of the software, and even peer references.  But how often do you evaluate product support?

Support can make all of the difference in the world between project success and failure.  Without top-notch support, you can run into roadblocks and obstacles on projects.  Even a simple question can turn into days waiting for a resolution, or hours spent on the phone trying to get started again.  That time could be spent getting the project off the ground or even on your many other tasks you have to finish before the end of the day!   And it can add up – poor support can cascade into many roadblocks and bottlenecks, with countless hours spent without getting answers.  That can turn into project delays, and, because time is money – budget overruns. 

But, if you select a software vendor with a high-quality support organization – like what we offer at Binary Tree – you will be able to knock down those barriers to project success. 

A quality support organization will help you get the answers you need, quickly, when it matters to you most.   If escalation is required, you can get your matter handled by the right experts without jumping through red tape or unnecessary process hurdles.  That will all ensure your project is completed on schedule, without delays and impacts from unresolved issues.   And of course, that more efficient process, from promptly getting those answers you need, helps your project stay on budget – and can help you, as an IT leader, come through the project with a great project achievement for your management and leadership team!

All of this is the result of using a product support organization that is built on accountability. Having support staff that is responsible for your success is absolutely critical to top-notch project performance. And in that way, you can move through your project with confidence, from start to finish.

This is the model we built upon at Binary Tree for customer support.  Protecting you from the unexpected and providing you with the personal attention you require is the basis of Binary Tree’s support. Together, our tightly integrated teams of product experts help to ensure your business operations are running smoothly as we respond to your support requests in a timely manner. Our support team reconciles tickets and reports issues and feedback to our development team for review. With every chat, call or email we are focused on solving your issues in a timely and effective manner.

To learn more or to hear about real examples of our support success on projects, contact us today!