Introducing Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migrations—without limits

We’re excited to share the latest news about Power365®, our Azure-based platform that makes enterprise transformations easier, including for mergers and acquisitions. With the latest release, we’re breaking new ground and setting a new standard. Now, you can use Power365 to migrate without limits, including:

  • Unlimited passes
  • Unlimited size
  • Unlimited archives

By unlocking the full potential of your user license, Power365 helps you:

  • Lower project costs
  • Simplify license requirements
  • Reduce the need for upfront remediation

Run your migration in as many passes as you want

Power365 won’t consume more user licenses when you exceed 10 passes.

Many products in the market limit the number of passes you can run—then ask you to buy more licenses to keep going. This can set unnecessary limits on your project and reduce overall productivity. With Power365, we don’t put limits on your projects. So you can run the migration in 5 passes—or 50. It’s entirely up to you. Power365 gives you the flexibility you need to migrate at the speed you want, without any extra license costs. This helps keep your project budget under control and your project plan on track.

Move as much data as you need

Power365 doesn’t cap your user migration to 50 GB or less.

Users these days tend to have big mailboxes. And they often don’t have time to clean them up before you need to migrate them. But many other migration vendors limit the amount of data you can migrate, which helps keep their costs and overhead down. They then charge you a premium if you need to go over their “cap.” This limits who you can migrate and at what cost. It also complicates your licensing requirements and forces you to tackle up front tasks like finding and fixing issues with large mailboxes.

We at Binary Tree understand the real-world realities of managing mailbox sizes. With lower storage and cloud solutions, it’s become less important to manage and reduce total mailbox size. That’s why with Power365, we don’t put a premium on large mailboxes or archives. (And we never will.) So if you have large mailboxes in your next migration project, the Binary Tree Power365 licensing model is the one for you.

Archive everything

With Power365, you don’t need more licenses for mailbox archives.

It’s typical for other migration solutions to make you buy more user licenses if you want to also migrate mailbox archives. This adds to your project’s bottom line and forces you to figure out who owns an archive before you buy your project licenses. With Power365, mailbox archives are included in a single license. So you don’t have to worry about doing an inventory of mailbox archives. If the original user has an archive, we’ll enable it for you.

Ready to get started?

We at Binary Tree can help you with all the above—and more. Our experts have migration management and planning down to a fine science. And our solutions and services are flexible enough to handle even the most complex enterprise migrations. Contact us to get started.