How SaaS helps power your digital transformation

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The future of software is here, and it’s all about cloud-based software as a service (SaaS). A recent Forrester report says that 58% of IT decision-makers are investing in SaaS as a key part of their strategy for digital transformation. And SaaS revenue is surging by 27%, while revenue for more traditional licensed software is flatlining—or even declining.

“As a software buyer, pay close attention to how your key incumbent application suppliers are responding to market-driven forces, including SaaS. Make sure your software suppliers are engaged in your success and committed to investing in product innovation that benefits you as a customer. Continue to investigate newer suppliers that are swinging for the fences by creating differentiated solutions that support digital transformation.”

— Forrester. The SaaS Transformation Playbook. November 2017.


So to celebrate the launch of our latest SaaS solution—Power365® Directory Sync—we thought we’d share more about why SaaS matters and how it’s become such a valuable tool to transform businesses everywhere. Here are some of its top selling points.

Stay up to date

With the tech world moving at such a blistering pace, it’s hard to stay on top of what’s next. You can spend months rolling out a new solution—only to find that it’s already obsolete.

So this is where SaaS really shines. Cloud vendors have teams of experts dedicated to making sure their solutions keep up with the digital age. They’re always rolling out new features and solutions, at speeds most organizations often can’t match on their own. And since it’s so easy for the cloud to pass those solutions along to you, your organization stays ready to start reaping the benefits of new technologies (like artificial intelligence), right out of the gate.

Keep everything extra secure

This is another area in which SaaS is starting to really stand out. While security and privacy in the cloud used to be a concern for many organizations, it’s quickly morphing into a competitive advantage. That’s because cloud vendors have beefed up their physical and digital security to the point where it’s at a higher level than most organizations can get to on their own. So if your organization faces lingering concerns about security in SaaS, it’s time to take another look.

Spend less up front

Unlike with traditional software licenses where you usually need to spend a large chunk of your budget up front (usually by drawing from capital expenses), many SaaS solutions offer pay-as-you-go subscription models. And instead of paying for a guesstimated maximum number of users or bandwidth, you pay only for what you actually use. All of this can result in a lower total cost of ownership over time.

Offload ongoing maintenance

Rolling out new features or fixes. Maintaining or upgrading server hardware. Restoring and backing up data. In the past, these ongoing tasks could take up a huge chunk of your IT time (and budget). Now, cloud vendors can take care of these types of things for you. And they often have a larger, more dedicated team to do it. So your in-house IT can re-focus on adding even more value to the business.

Stay ready to scale and integrate

With the cloud, it’s much easier to scale up or down your bandwidth as your business needs change. And unlike custom internal software, cloud solutions are built to integrate more easily with other SaaS solutions out there. Both these things help keep your organization more flexible and nimble, which are key to keeping up with digital transformation.

Try before you buy

With onsite software, it can take a lot of time and money to go through a proof of concept. You have to get a trial license and install the software on a spare server somewhere before you can start putting it through its paces. Only to then find that it’s not quite the solution you need.

In the digital era, we don’t have this kind of time. So with SaaS, you can often get started in just a few clicks. This gives you more flexibility to try out more solutions and find the one that fits your needs best.

Check out our latest SaaS solution

These reasons and more are why we at Binary Tree are transforming many of our own services to the SaaS model. As the most recent example, we just released our popular on-premises Directory Sync Pro as a re-imagined, cloud-based app: Power365 Directory Sync.

Power365 Directory Sync helps you unify merged organizations under a single directory. And with its new cloud-based architecture, you can:

  • Deploy it in minutes
  • Manage it from anywhere
  • Skip the complexity of hosting and managing software onsite
  • Get new features and updates in a fraction of the time

Contact us to learn more about our solutions.