GDPR: Rollup of Helpful Resources

As of May 25, 2018, the GDPR is officially live. To mark the occasion, here’s a roll-up of resources you might find helpful as you deepen your GDPR compliance.

Read all about it

Get the highlights of what you need to know about the GDPR, including what it is and how it affects organizations everywhere (yes, even in the US). Pay special attention to how the GDPR defines personal data, as the expanded definition has some categories that might surprise you. 

And though complying with the new law might initially feel like a burden, check out these reasons why it’s good for business.

Take action

There are many checklists out there to help you get compliant. Make sure to review the 16 steps from Microsoft, plus their framework to guide you through 4 key phases: discover, manage, protect, and report.

Set up data governance

This becomes the backbone of how you can follow the GDPR. Get the highlights of what data governance is and why it matters for organizations everywhere. Then see how to set up your own program.

Evaluate solutions that can help

Technology alone won’t get you to where you need to be. You’ll also need to update processes and hire and train people. But you can make it easier on yourself by adopting a platform that makes compliance easier. Check out the many ways that Microsoft helps with GDPR compliance, including our deep dive on Office 365.

Go deeper

The GDPR has wide-reaching implications for areas you might not yet have considered. As examples, make sure to keep in mind your overall privacy program, your mobile strategy, and the Internet of Things.

Get help

Complying with the new privacy law takes significant time and effort. But you don’t have to go it alone. We at Binary Tree are doing our part to help our clients protect the privacy of their own customers.

We can help you move to Office 365, which Microsoft has committed will comply with GDPR by the deadline. By adopting Office 365, you can:

  • Find and catalog the personal data in your systems
  • Build a more secure environment
  • Simplify how you manage and monitor personal data
  • Get tools and resources to meet reporting and assessment requirements

To get started, get in touch.