Why it matters to be Microsoft Gold-Certified

We’re happy to share that we recently earned our fourth Microsoft Gold Certification, this time in the area of Cloud Solutions. This is actually our second gold cert in the past year for cloud solutions, as we recently also earned a gold in Cloud Productivity, too.  

Getting gold certification takes quite a bit of legwork to prove our deep expertise in a specific competency. The upside: It comes with a slew of perks for us and our clients. Here’s why this certification matters.

It shines a light on the best of the best

Microsoft gold and silver certifications show a partner’s deep technical expertise in Microsoft technologies. Silver certification shows consistent capability, expertise, and commitment. Gold certification is the highest level and shows that you’re an elite in that area.

To qualify, you have to prove you’re one of the best in the world across one or more of 18 competencies. These areas are based on Microsoft client needs and interests. For partners, it’s a chance to show how you’re different from other organizations. And for clients, it’s easier for you to find a partner who’s an expert at exactly what you need.

You have to earn it

Before you can become a gold or silver certified partner, you go through an extensive verification and testing process with Microsoft. To qualify for gold, you have to:

  • Be a member of the Microsoft Partner Network
  • Meet all certification and sales requirements
  • Pass several Microsoft exams (4 qualified Microsoft Certified Trainers who have passed one or more certification exams, 1 employee who has passed a licensing exam, and 2 employees who have passed sales and marketing exams)
  • Submit 5 client references
  • Earn 120 partner points
  • Pay the gold competency fee

Everybody benefits

The certification means good things for partners and clients alike. For clients, the Microsoft Gold certification makes it even easier for you to choose the right Microsoft partner. You get peace of mind that you’re working with someone who knows their stuff, inside and out. And who has proven it through extensive verification and testing by Microsoft.

There are quite a few perks for us as well. We get exclusive access to resources, training, and support from Microsoft. All of which helps us turn around and do a better job for our clients, too. Some examples:

  • More partnership opportunities with Microsoft
  • Continuous support, news, and updates
  • Stronger partner network connections
  • Smarter training tools and programs
  • Exclusive access to member resources
  • Up to 100 licenses for Microsoft products
  • Certification logos to stand out from the crowd


For more, see the Microsoft Partner program page. Or read all about Binary Tree’s latest Microsoft Gold certification.