Which Domino Applications Should You Move to Office 365?

Which Domino apps should you move to Office 365 | Binary Tree

You’ve already moved your IBM Notes to Microsoft Office 365 or the latest Exchange. But did you take a look at your Domino applications beforehand and figure out how to handle each one? If you are like most organizations, you probably have been putting this off for some time. You’ll likely need to do one of these things for each application:

  • Retire the application
  • Relocate its data
  • Redesign it to take advantage of the cloud

 Below, we talk you through each option and some things to consider you make this decision.


Level of effort = Low

If you’re like most companies, you might have a lot of Domino applications you’re not using. Some might not be compatible with SharePoint or Office 365. Others you could retire, as they’re no longer useful for your organization. With the right planning, you can reduce migration costs and avoid spending time moving applications you don’t need.

We often see that our customers can retire around 40-50% of their legacy applications.


Level of effort = Medium to high

You will probably have applications that you use often—and you want to keep using them after you migrate. You can still lift and shift their data to a similar containers or off-the-shelf, modern applications built for the target platform, like to a standard or custom site in Office 365. That way, you can get all your users working from the same platform, andy you won’t have to maintain two collaboration systems at the same time. This saves time and money and helps encourage your users to be more productive in modern tools.

We estimate you might want to do this for 30-40% of your applications.


Level of effort = High

For your most complex applications, you might want to do more than merely move them—you might want to redesign them. Some legacy applications often aren’t designed in such a way that you can just easily move them over to Office 365.

So now is a great time to redesign your applications to take advantage of what Office 365 offers. After all, you’re moving to Microsoft for a reason. It’s the best of both worlds—you innovate while still giving your users features they’re familiar with. This is a great option for key applications you plan to use for years to come. Or for applications that could benefit greatly from cloud features.

We estimate this will affect 10-20% of your applications.

Questions to ask:

  • Will you need to create a custom application?
  • Or is there an off-the-shelf option that could save time?
  • Does your in-house team have the development skills to do this?
  • Or will you need to hire a vendor?

We at Binary Tree hope this helps you start thinking through this process. And if you’d like even more help, we’d be happy to walk you through it. See more about how we can help you modernize your applications.