Modernization remains top of mind for federal CIOs

Some sobering stats

The stats for federal IT systems are eye-opening. In the U.S., software used by federal agencies is often at least 14-15 years old. In EMEA, it’s anywhere from 9-12 years old. And some of the data centers that run federal systems can be as long as three and a half football fields.  

This aging infrastructure is becoming harder and harder to support. At the 2016 Management of Change Conference, Federal CIO Tony Scott said: “Many federal agencies rely on aging computer systems and networks running on outdated hardware and infrastructure that are expensive to operate and difficult to defend against modern cyber threats.”

The 2011 Cloud First initiative (now FITARA) was a good starting point. Five years later, 33% of CIOs surveyed said they have moved to the cloud in some capacity. And more than 3,000 federal data centers have been closed (out of around 10,000).

But there’s still more work to do here—only 5% of federal CIOs say they’re satisfied with their progress in moving to the cloud. A recent article from CIO magazine talks through some of the struggles federal CIOs face in moving to the cloud. It’s everything from hammering out a contract with the cloud vendor to persisting security concerns.

Top CIO priorities

Despite these challenges, federal CIOs continue to push to modernize their systems. Three surveys in the past year show that these are their top priorities:

  • Elevate the value of federal IT and the CIO role
  • Revitalize the IT workforce
  • Move ahead with cloud
  • Expand use of analytics
  • Strengthen cybersecurity
  • Modernize legacy systems
  • Renovate core infrastructure

Survey sources: Gartner (2017), the annual Federal CIO survey (2016), and the State of Federal Information Technology by the CIO Council (2017)

How we can help

Of these priorities, Binary Tree can help move you to the Microsoft cloud and modernize your legacy systems. We’ve worked with many federal, state, and local governments across the world to migrate data and applications. So we understand many of the unique considerations that come with these types of government projects.

We can help you:

  • Assess your software and systems and get them ready to migrate
  • Either do the migration for you or train you how to do it
  • Be on hand to fix any issues that come up during the migration
  • Drive user adoption through training and onboarding
  • Train your IT team to manage email and applications in the cloud

We often suggest to our clients that they start by moving their email to Microsoft Office 365. This is a solid first step that can help you work through any cultural or security concerns about the cloud. And in case you’re not already familiar with this, Microsoft offers several government plans for Office 365 that are “designed for the unique needs of U.S. government organizations. They provide a segmented government cloud community that enables organizations to meet U.S. compliance and security standards.”

Get started

We’d be happy to talk more with you about what you need and how we can help. To get started, get in touch.