2018 planning (9 of 9): Bring It All Together

This post wraps up our series about 2018 planning. If you have been following along for these past weeks, you know we have been doing deep dives on Gartner’s planning guides for the coming year. We always find these to be a valuable tool to help shape our thinking and discover ways that Binary Tree can serve our clients better.

From each guide, here are some highlights around how our clients can take advantage of top tech trends in their own organizations. Here is a recap of the top tech trends you should be thinking about for 2018—and how Binary Tree can help.


#1 Think cloud first

Cloud helps you keep up with the cost and pace of today’s innovation. But cloud projects can be a challenge. You must often juggle internal politics, scope creep, and talent gaps. This is an area in which Binary Tree can help. Browse our cloud solutions.

#2 Modernize your IT

You need to re-imagine your IT architecture from the cloud down. Think cloud first, but hybrid now. Look for opportunities to buy rather than build. And partner with an expert like Binary Tree, who can help you modernize your IT.

#3 Get analytics from everywhere

This is the year to really dive into data. Many of our clients, like Coca-Cola, Air France-KLM, and financial exchanges are using data in creative ways to help them predict their markets and launch new products. To get to that level of insight, you need to design a data architecture that lets you easily gather, analyze, and deliver insights to the people who need it most.

#4 Explore the Internet of Things

It is time to create at least a “straw man” architecture for how you can use IoT in your organization. This is a starting point to help you get your thoughts together and socialize across your organization. And if you have not already, another excellent place to start is to move to the cloud, which gives you the horsepower you often need for IoT solutions.

#5 Modernize your applications

Get your applications ready to keep up with the digital era. Modern applications have an excellent user experience, are reusable and open, and are improved often, ideally on the fly. This is an area that’s front and center for Binary Tree, as we are rolling out a suite of application services for our Domino customers, including our Domino on Azure service.

#6 Manage security and risk

Given the increase in cyber-attacks and uncertainty around new privacy regulations, you should take four key steps to batten down the hatches. We can also help you transform your messaging, directories, and applications to take advantage of modern platforms that give you better control over your security, like the Microsoft cloud.

#7 Manage identity and access

These days, there are many new ways to manage users, new devices to consider, and even new types of business relationships to support. To manage it all, you need a modern directory. Binary Tree can help you assess the health of your Active Directory. We can also help you merge or sync directories to reduce complexity.

#8 Improve collaboration and search

Enterprises are embracing software as a solution (SaaS). Plus, we are all tired of settling for sub-par enterprise search. There are several things IT can do to improve search and manage SaaS solutions more effectively. 

We hope you have found these insights helpful. If you would like to chat more about how we at Binary Tree can help you in any of these areas, get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.


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