Use Case #4 for Multiple Tenants of Office 365: Ethical Walls

This is the fourth in our series of why you might need to run more than one tenant of Office 365 in your organization. This scenario is when you need to create ethical walls between groups of employees in the same organization.

The scenario: Create ethical walls between groups

In some industries, organizations want to (or are required to) limit communication between different types of employees whose interests might conflict. This is often called an ‘ethical wall’ or ‘ethical firewall,’ and it’s a common practice in organizations like these: 

  • Financial firms that work with competing clients
  • Investment banks that need to segregate their advisory and brokering departments
  • Advertising firms that represent clients who are major competitors (like both Pepsi and Coca-Cola)
  • Law firms that represent potentially adverse parties
  • Media companies that need to maintain a separation between the editorial and advertising groups
  • Schools that want to limit unscheduled communication between students and the administration

Office 365 has features that can help enforce these types of ethical walls. But some organizations choose to go the extra mile and physically separate employees into different tenants.

The challenge: Unifying your brand despite ethical walls

Even if you’ve decided to run multiple tenants of Office 365, you often still need to work as a single organization, under the same brand. You want to share a name and an email domain. In some cases, you might even need to allow some of your people on separate tenants to easily email each other, look each other up in a shared directory, and share calendars.

But you can’t easily do any of this across tenants of Office 365. At least, not out of the box. (As we wrote about earlier, there are some unique challenges that come with trying to coexist tenants of Office 365 in the same organization.) To unify your users and brand, you’ll need a solution that’s outside the box.

That’s where we come in.

The solution: Power365®

Our Power365 is the first tool that gracefully bridges two or more tenants of Office 365. It solves all of these challenges—and more. You can use it to share an email domain, directories, and free/busy calendar information. All while keeping users on separate tenants for as long as you need.

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