Meet our team: Joe Sharmer

Silicon Valley alum, technologist, and 49ers fan. As manager of solution architecture, Joe inspires his team to craft effective cloud solutions for our clients.

 Joe Sharmer Manager Solution Architecture | Binary Tree

How did you come to do what you do?

Computers were a hobby of mine growing up, but I didn’t immediately think of them as a career. Instead, I went to college as a psych major. Then in one of my summer jobs in college, the owner of the company overheard me talking on the phone with a computer shop, asking them about a new motherboard. When he learned that I knew about computers, he asked me to take a look at a few of his that weren’t working. I fixed them in about 5 minutes, and he made me the IT manager on the spot. I’ve been doing technology ever since.

How did your career journey lead you to Binary Tree?

Throughout my early career, I worked at many large Silicon Valley companies such as HP, Seagate, Fujitsu, and EDS. While these large companies offer many benefits, I had always wanted to work at a smaller company where you could have a larger input in to the organization. So when I saw an opening at Binary Tree, I jumped at it. I had been a past customer of Binary Tree products and really liked working with the technology and employees.

What technology advancement in your career has surprised you the most?

The rapid adoption of cloud computing services. 

What’s your proudest career moment?

Being part of a Silicon Valley startup in the late 90s and making it successful.

What drives you?

Technology. It’s a passion of mine and continues to be a hobby, so being part of a technology company is very rewarding.

What industry shift will our clients need to be on the lookout for soon?

Continued migration of varying workloads to the cloud. As cloud adoption continues to rise, we will start seeing more and more workloads move to the cloud. I can see the next big push over the next 2-3 years being the migration from traditional on premises Active Directory to Azure Active Directory.