Tough Questions to Ask SaaS Implementation Vendors

Organizations tend to spend a good chunk of time choosing the right software as a service (SaaS). But too often, they spend much less time finding a partner who can help them implement it. This often results in delays or flat-out implementation fails.

SaaS Implementation Vendor | Binary Tree

So when you’re choosing a vendor to help you implement a SaaS solution—such as the Microsoft platform—it’s no time to pull your punches. Don’t just make the de facto choice, such as an IT partner you’re already working with on other things.

Instead, do your due diligence, explore your options, and ask the tough questions. You should feel confident that you’re choosing an expert partner who’s done this before with similar clients and who can guide you through the whole process, step by step. Here are some key questions to ask prospective partners.

Do they have the right experience?

  • Have they implemented the Microsoft platform before?
  • How many times have they implemented it successfully?
  • What types of clients have they worked with (and over how many years)?
  • Can they give you several positive client references?
  • How large were these organizations?
  • Did they have a global footprint?
  • How long did implementation take?
  • What was the size of the implementation?

Do they have sophisticated software and processes?

  • Do they have a repeatable process that ensures consistent and reliable service delivery?
  • Can they guide you on relevant solution analytics for your business?
  • Do they use products or tools to automate and speed the process?

Can they scale?

  • Can their resources flex and scale to your organization?
  • Can they deliver support in the locations you need?

Are they compatible with you?

  • Do they go about their work in a way that’s familiar to you?
  • Are they easy to do business with?
  • Do they understand your industry and how you do things?

Are they skilled in change management?

  • Do they have a proven process to manage change?
  • How comprehensive is it?
  • How mature is it?
  • Have they used it successfully with other clients?
  • Which ones?

What’s their offering like?

  • Will they take responsibility for your end-to-end implementation? Or only part of it?
    • Will they customize software if needed?
    • Do they help with change management and adoption?
    • Do they help with data migration?
  • Are they willing to reserve part of their payment based on final business outcomes and metrics?

We’re standing by with our answers

As an expert in transforming enterprises to the Microsoft platform, Binary Tree would be happy to answer these questions—and more. To get started, get in touch.


Adapted from Gartner. Improve Your Enterprise SaaS Implementation With This Three-Step Process and Checklist, January 2018