Introducing Domino on Azure

We’re excited to announce that we’ve rolled out a new service called Domino on Azure. It’s part of our spectrum of Domino Application Services, where we help you get Domino applications ready for your transformation to Microsoft.

If you already have or when you’re migrating from IBM Notes to the Microsoft cloud, you need to carefully consider what to do with your legacy Domino applications. You most likely have a ton of applications, and you might not be using them all. With the right planning and management, you can reduce unnecessary costs and increase user adoption by retiring your Domino servers and enabling a new, modern platform and its key workloads (Exchange, OneDrive, Skype for Business, yammer, etc. in the cloud or on premises) for viability for years to come.

With Domino on Azure, we help you move your Domino applications to the Microsoft Azure cloud. And we’ll even manage them all for you—in your tenant or ours. This lets you dial back on your in-house hardware, networking, security, and operational reliance on legacy infrastructure.

By moving your legacy Domino applications to Microsoft Azure, you can:

  • Save costs in house. Moving to the cloud lets you eliminate in-house hardware, networking, and security. Plus, you’ll no longer be dependent on legacy infrastructure, which is often time-consuming and costly to maintain.
  • Be more strategic. You’ll free up your staff from having to operate and administer a legacy platform. Which means they’ll have more time to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Perform better. Legacy Domino applications often perform better in the cloud’s more modern infrastructure.
  • Use fewer servers. Moving to the cloud helps reduce your overall Domino Server footprint. Given the cloud’s more modern setup, you can often run more applications in the cloud—with fewer servers.
  • Increase your ROI. Microsoft Azure is a key workload of the Microsoft cloud. So by increasing your adoption of Azure, you’ll get a higher return on your cloud investment.
  • Go all in. Lingering legacy applications can send a mixed message to your organization about your IT priorities. By moving everything to the cloud, it shows your whole organization—from top to bottom—that you’re all in on the cloud.

Ready to get started?

Contact us to start talking about how we can help with your Domino transformation. Or see more about Domino on Azure or our other Domino Application Services.