2018 planning (2 of 9): Modernize your IT

Active Directory Modernization


This is the next in a series of posts spotlighting Gartner’s planning guides for 2018. Here, we do a deep dive on infrastructure and operations.

We’re in the middle of the biggest technology shift since the birth of the internet itself. Our company lives and breathes transformation, and we find it a particularly invigorating and rewarding time to be working in IT. But for many of our clients, it can also be overwhelming. Perhaps you face one of these common infrastructure challenges:

  • Your legacy architectures and processes can’t keep up with the blistering pace of the digital era
  • You have multiple data centers due to long-term growth or acquisitions
  • You’re struggling to go straight to the cloud

 The solution is to reimagine your IT systems from the ground up. Or should I say, from the cloud down. You want to set yourself up with a flexible, agnostic architecture that will help you adapt to changing times. To that end, I’ve cherry-picked a few best practices from Gartner that stood out to me as being of help to our clients.

Plan your company-wide IT strategy

There’s a reason planning is the first of Binary Tree’s key tenets. Time and again, planning is crucial to any IT transformation. A whole host of things can go wrong when our clients skimp on this step, even for smaller projects. And given the complexity of the digital era and hybrid IT, planning is more important than ever. It’s also important that this planning span your entire company and have strong support from executives.

Think cloud first, hybrid now

Organizations often aren’t ready to go straight to the cloud. Maybe their applications won’t merely lift and shift. Or cloud providers aren’t yet addressing a specific scenario. In the meantime, many organizations are adopting a hybrid IT approach, using a custom blend of on-premises data centers, public clouds, and private clouds. Gartner predicts that in only 5 years, enterprise workloads will be spread evenly across three places: on-premises data centers, cloud providers, and other off-premises locations.

Buy rather than build

Gartner recommends that you look to buy rather than build your own private cloud. They caution that private clouds can quickly become complex and require significant ramp-up and effort from your IT team. With private clouds, you often lose that economy of scale and speed of innovation. Public clouds might not be suitable for all scenarios, but your preference should be to adopt leading cloud platforms like Microsoft Office 365. By doing this, you greatly speed your transition and place yourself in the hands of experts who are already at the cutting edge of the cloud.

Shore up your team

Even if you chose to outsource to a public cloud, you need to help your IT team ramp up on new skills to plan for and manage IT in this new era. Their role needs to expand. They need to become experts not only on your in-house systems but also across a broad range of cloud and other off-premises solutions.

This new capability is sometimes likened to a city planner role. You’ve got all this property to play with—containers where you could possibly store workloads. Depending on what the business needs, IT should have criteria for putting applications in the right place, with the right levels of reliability and availability.

One of the ways to greatly accelerate this ramp up is through a knowledge transfer. A consultant like Binary Tree can come in and help train your IT in, for example, how to administrate the Microsoft cloud or get legacy applications ready for the cloud.

Start now

Depending on the size and complexity of your systems, IT migration projects can take months or even years. If you haven’t yet started, you might well be lagging behind your competitors.

A partner like Binary Tree can help change that. Digital transformation is what we do. We can help you plan, move, and manage your enterprise transformation. Whether you’re just getting started on your digital journey or are in the thick of things and could use some help to speed the process, Binary Tree is standing by. Get in touch today. Or explore our solutions to help you modernize your IT.

We look forward to working with you.


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