August Is All About Automation

 Automation | Binary Tree

Welcome to automation month! We’ll be doing a series of blog posts with tips for using the right software to automate your migrations. As part of that, we’ll profile our suite of automation products that help speed your journey to Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, and Active Directory.

Why automation

These days, many organizations are looking for ways to automate their workflows. With automation, you can make things run faster and more efficiently. It helps avoid human error and frees people up for more value-add tasks. Plus, to automate a process, you often have to simplify it first. All of these can add up to good things for your organization—including cost and time savings.

And when it comes to IT migrations, the more automation, the merrier. Most IT people aren’t overly enthused about spending nights or weekends manually moving data or mailboxes from one place to another. But there are also a lot of things you need to think through before you can automate your migration, particularly if your systems are complex.

A word of caution

Then again, automation isn’t always the answer. Forbes says that “far too many automation projects get blown out of proportion and go over budget.” While they’re talking more about projects in which you automate an ongoing business process, we’ve also found this to be true for migrations in general. As we’ve mentioned before, 64% of them tend to go overrun their budget. So you need to automate things carefully, with an eye toward effort vs. cost.

Upcoming topics

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on these topics:

  • Tips for automating your migration
  • How Power365 automates migrations to Office 365
  • How Exchange Pro automates migrations to Microsoft Exchange
  • How Active Directory Pro automates AD migrations