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For those of you who are on Microsoft Exchange 2007 (and there are quite a few of you), you are likely thinking about its upcoming end of life. As of April 11, 2017, Microsoft Exchange 2007 reaches the end of its support life-cycle. You can keep it running after that date, but Microsoft will no longer give technical support, bug fixes, or security patches. Which means you should be thinking about a migration.



Migrations tend to overrun budgets and schedules

Moving from Microsoft Exchange 2007 is no small feat. If you decide to migrate manually, you’ll likely need a two-phase, double-hop mailbox migration. First, you migrate from Exchange 2007 to 2013. Then you migrate from Exchange 2013 to 2016. Basically, you do two migrations in one. And what about your public folders? These are almost impossible to migrate manually. As you can imagine, this is a ton of work and can disrupt your business in ways you can’t predict.

Recent surveys from Vision Solutions show that the stats are a bit grim:

  • 66% of migrations are delayed
  • 76% of migrations cause downtime and disruptions
  • 70% overrun their schedule
  • 64% overrun their cost

If you’re moving 5,000 or more users, a 1-week delay can cost you more than $25k. And just an hour of downtime could cost you $100k or more in lost productivity.

Automate your move with Binary Tree

We can help you avoid these common migration pitfalls. You can use migration products from Binary Tree to automate your move from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2016 or Office 365, for both mailboxes and public folders. And you can do it in a fraction of the time and with minimal to no downtime. Depending on your setup, you might even be able to do a single-hop migration to a new forest. Here are the Binary Tree products that can help:

Exchange Pro automates and simplifies the process to migrate Microsoft Exchange mailboxes, archives, and public folders to later Exchange versions, Office 365, or a hybrid deployment. It gives you reporting, scheduling, user communications, and self-service features that shorten the time required to migrate and that reduce the risk of downtime. The result — the smoothest possible experience for users, administrators, and project managers. With Exchange Pro, you have a few options for how you migrate from Exchange 2007:

Option 1: Double-hop migration to Exchange 2016

  1. Use Exchange Pro to automatically migrate from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2013
  2. If you choose to migrate beyond Exchange 2013, the following steps are optional:
    1. Decommission your Exchange 2007 servers
    2. Add the Exchange 2016 servers
    3. Use Exchange Pro to automatically migrate everyone from Exchange 2013 to Exchange 2016 at no additional cost. The license is associated to the mailbox for the life of the mailbox, and therefore, all future migrations are free!

With Exchange Pro, there is no additional licensing cost for the second move. And your license is tied to the mailbox for the life of the mailbox. So you can use the same license for future migrations as well.

Option 2: Single-hop to Exchange 2016 with a new forest

In this option, you stand up a new forest and stage an Exchange 2013 server in the target forest. You can use our Directory Sync Pro product to provision the mail-enabled user objects in the other forest in preparation for the mailbox moves. This will enable you to avoid writing scripts to create the required objects. Then you can use Exchange Pro to migrate mailboxes directly from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2016. Exchange Pro can also migrate your public folders and their content, directly from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2016 servers.

Option 3: Single-hop to Office 365

For this option, you need to first set up an on-premises Exchange 2010 Client Access Server. Then you can use Exchange pro to migrate mailboxes directly from Exchange 2007 to Office 365. Exchange Pro can migrate your public folders directly from Exchange 2007 to Office 365 Public Folders or Office 365 Groups, or both.

For a cross-forest Exchange migration, you may wish to start afresh and also move your users, computers and resources to a new Active Directory (AD) forest. For an O365 migration, this may provide you with a clean AD from which to configure your hybrid functionality. Active Directory Pro lets you automate and manage a migration of the workstations and servers within your AD environment – while ensuring that users have seamless access to resources in both the old and new domains. This product can help you shorten the timeline for your project and reduce human error by automating complex tasks. It’s simple to deploy and customize for any migration scenario and provides an intuitive UI to manage the entire migration.

Our clients say it best

“Our project timeline was actually delayed and Exchange Pro helped to get the project back on target.” – IS manager, Nissan USA

“Binary Tree’s Exchange Pro allowed us to take an email migration project that was at a standstill and finish it in a very short period of time." – Acting Director of IT, Essex Property Trust

"Our goal was to migrate over the weekend and we achieved it with no impact on our 1,700 users.” – System Administrator for ITSC GmbH

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