Scheduling Meetings During Mergers and Acquisitions

Worldwide mergers and acquisitions are continuing at a record pace.  At any given time, there are tens of thousands of professionals involved in the many aspects of these deals.  There are the executives and staff on each side of the merger, scores of lawyers and accountants, and a myriad of consultants advising each side.  What is the most common question posed in communications between all of the above?

"We need to meet to discuss XYZ.  What date and time works for you?"


After that question is posed, the typical email chain ensues until a common time is found.  If only every person involved in the matter had access to the good old trusty Microsoft Outlook Scheduling Assistant.  Wouldn't it be great if you could easily find calendar white space for colleagues, your accountants and your lawyers all at once as easily as you can for your internal staff?

Well, now you can.  With NeedToMeet's Outlook Add-In you can grant calendar access to anyone in your NeedToMeet network.  They will only see time slot availability and not any other information like meeting subject, attendees nor details.
  This gives colleagues external to your company access to find availability on your calendar as easily as your coworkers do – without ever having to leave Outlook! 

share availability
Find the availability of external colleagues as easily as you do with your coworkers!

At Binary Tree, we specialize in cross-organizational calendar integration for enterprises and have implemented solutions for thousands of companies worldwide.  With our NeedToMeet Software-as-a-Service, we have brought the same level of capability to individuals and teams without requiring IT involvement.  

Start your free trial today and let us know what you think.