How Do I Feel About the 22nd Anniversary of Binary Tree?

I’m both optimistic and energized. Being in business for 22 years is not only a milestone; it’s an amazing accomplishment. We truly are leaders in our field, as are the people that work here and the partners that support us. I personally have been with Binary Tree for 18 of those years and have seen the company grow and transition into a global migration force. Now is the most exciting time ever because of our larger portfolio of solutions and new areas of expansion.

And I can tell you our partners feel the same way, since we can support them in more ways now than ever before. Some of our partners have been around awhile and have grown with us—like 4Ward in Italy, Infowan in Germany, Agility Partners in Boston and KiZAN in Ohio. GlobalTMS in Spain has also been very active with Binary Tree over the past several years. In fact, since 2007, when our Microsoft Exchange business really started taking off, we’ve been adding more and more exceptional partners around the globe.
While we’re ‘all grown up,’ so to speak, we still act as an entrepreneurial firm—always hungry for new opportunities and nimble enough to meet the challenges of both large enterprises and small companies. The same is true of our partners, having built great relationships with smaller regional firms all the way up to Microsoft and HP.
So why am I still excited to be with Binary Tree?  Here’s just a few reasons.
A Team With So Much Experience
When I hire employees, I’m looking for entrepreneurs—sales people in the field that own their territory. To be successful at Binary Tree, you have to embrace a feeling of ownership; a territory is yours to grow just like a franchise would be. That’s the type of individual we look for. The people on my team are active in pre, post and of course, during the sales cycle; and they must be flexible enough to handle all of the above.
From my experience, I know immediately when I’ve found the right person. While it’s always a challenge to find excellent candidates, there are a lot more people today who have the breadth of experience and entrepreneurial spirit that we need than there were ten years ago. I also try to minimize the time from hiring to active selling. Because we often work through the channel, in addition to direct sales, that person must be savvy enough to know how and when to compromise.
The Increasing Speed of Change
We’re working diligently to put the right investments into the business. From a marketing perspective, we’ve always wanted consistency in ongoing essentials like emails, blogs, webinars, and events—and we’ve done that very well. Where we still struggle is with our messaging and transition from ‘the Notes guys’ to our true selves as trusted migration experts. One way we’re actively participating in the Exchange community is through our two Exchange MVPs and Microsoft Certified Masters, Gary Steere and Justin Harris. A fantastic example is our involvement in Tony Redmond’s next edition of Office 365 for Exchange Professionals, to be released at IT/Dev Connections in September. No company gets that type of opportunity without true and exceptional technical know-how. You can look forward to more thought leadership from Gary and Justin at several upcoming technical conferences, including IT/Dev Connections and Unified Communications Day UK.
35 Million Users; 6,000 Customers
And the numbers keep climbing! We now reach more types of companies, in more industries, with more complex environments than ever before. More enterprises are moving to the cloud or taking part in merger and acquisition activities, and are in need of our expertise. We’re involved in more Exchange conversations at the technical levels. Both Microsoft and HP are bringing us into more and larger opportunities. Our job has become more complex, and my job has frankly become more interesting.
Yes, we’re growing up, but celebrating this anniversary is giving us the opportunity to look back at how far we’ve come and look forward to what we can accomplish over the next 22 years.