A Healthy Transition to Microsoft Office 365 for LEO Pharma

LEO Pharma, a 100+-year old independent, research-based pharmaceutical company, headquartered in Denmark, was moving its messaging platform from IBM/Lotus Notes to Microsoft Office 365. During an eight-week period, Binary Tree migrated LEO Pharma’s 6500 mailboxes, databases, and other resources. In addition, Binary Tree configured mail, calendar, and free/ busy—and provided coexistence to support their application dependencies.

LEO Pharmaceutical Company

Learn about Leo Pharma’s challenges.

The Right Rx for Leo Pharma’s Challenges
One challenge was that LEO Pharma's data had to remain on-premises and couldn't be replicated to a hosted data center as stated by pharmaceutical governance rules. The project therefore required careful planning and coordination to abide by laws and meet the clients’ schedule. Before moving anything, Binary Tree and Microsoft set up rich coexistence and interoperability so that users could still access their mail, calendar, providing coexistence to support application dependencies.
Binary Tree's CMT for Coexistence was chosen for its ability to provide long-term coexistence and to support any remaining application dependencies, while Remote Managed Migration Services were also installed.
For the Remote Managed Migration, Binary Tree remotely configured workstations in the customer’s environment. Once the migration infrastructure was set up, Binary Tree consultants were able to perform the migration without being on-site, which provided a significant cost savings to LEO Pharma.
A Winning Combination
The combination of Binary Tree’s professional services, excellent pricing, and migration expertise was the right prescription for LEO Pharma. The company executed its well-orchestrated migration plans as intended—all while abiding with regulatory issues—and without disruption to its employees.
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