An Abundance of Opportunities With our Valued Partner HP

It has always been our intention at Binary Tree to work more closely with all of our partners—one of those being HP. Up until a few years ago, HP had a working relationship with one of our competitors, so we never really pursued a serious alliance with them. Then things changed dramatically when I met Thomas Strasser, Worldwide Distinguished Technologist/Strategist at HP, during MEC 2014 in Austin, Texas. We hit it off immediately. We talked about our common German heritage and we also talked about migrations. One thing we had in common is that HP viewed migrations as a meaningful and valuable point of entry to other enterprise technology projects. At Binary Tree, we’ve known and experienced that throughout our 22-year history helping enterprise clients implement a technology upgrade, move to the cloud, and improve communications during a merger or acquisition.

We work with two groups at HP—Technology Services (TS) and Enterprise Services (ES)—so initially we had to learn how to navigate through their organizations. Now we understand HP a lot better and, over the past couple of years, we’ve developed an excellent relationship extending to our executives, Steven Pivnik, CEO at Binary Tree, and Simon Hughes, Deployment Project Manager at HP.

Binary Tree’s goal is to continue to grow our partner relationships around our Active Directory solutions as an excellent point of entry to more complex enterprise initiatives. In addition, Thomas Strasser has an excellent relationship with Tony Redmond, with whom Binary Tree just participated in authoring and releasing the latest edition of Office 365 for Exchange Professionals. In fact, several of our MVPs and technology leadership participated in authoring two chapters, one of which was dedicated to AD. We strongly believe that AD is an untapped market and a huge opportunity to expand the HP services set overall.

From what we’ve seen of the HP team in Europe, with whom we’ve worked closely, they are smart, hungry for new business, and very dedicated to solving client issues. To further solidify our relationship with HP, we recently promoted Carrie Woods in the UK, to a global role in charge of the entire HP alliance relationship worldwide. We’re also getting good traction with new accounts and expanding our HP-knowledgeable leadership team, having hired James Yip as Director of Sales, covering the Asia Pacific and Japan regions, earlier this year.

If you happen to read this article and are not from HP, I hope that you’ll get the idea that Binary Tree is eager, qualified, and interested in developing our partner relationships to make both companies as successful as possible. So, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. And if you are from HP, besides proudly sporting that grin, we look forward to enjoying even more successes with you in the near future.