Let the Sun Shine on E2E Complete

When Sunshine Children’s Home of Maumee, Ohio decided to transition from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010, they selected Binary Tree’s E2E Complete solution. The entire migration of 788 users was accomplished after-hours, in just one weekend—without disruptions to their current workflow.

Sunshine Children's Home of Maumee, Ohio Sign

Sounds pretty easy, right?  

How Easy Was It?
According to Howard Griffith, IT Director at Sunshine, “The ease of using E2E Complete was a real eye-catcher. It’s intuitive—it really is. You configure it, start doing some pilot migrations, check the data throughput, and go from there. Just reading the online help and user guide were really all that was required.”

Sunshine decided to go with Binary Tree’s E2E Complete product after talking with a Binary Tree representative at an Exchange Connections event—where E2E Complete was named the Best Exchange/Unified Communications Product.

As with every good IT department, Sunshine began their migration project by notifying users in advance that they were migrating to a new Exchange environment. To facilitate the migration, they set up Exchange 2010 in a Hyper-V environment and installed E2E Complete on another virtual machine along with an instance of SQL Server Express. To familiarize themselves with the E2E Complete interface and capabilities, Sunshine’s IT staff spoke with a Binary Tree expert and read through the online help and product guide.

The installation was fast and easy. No agents needed to be installed on the Exchange servers and no modifications were necessary for Active Directory. Within a couple of hours, Sunshine was able to run a few test migrations to gauge the duration of the actual mailbox data transfers. After deciding to migrate all users during a single weekend, Sunshine’s IT staff used E2E Complete’s built-in message template to send an email notifying everyone of the impending migration. All user migrations were added to the E2E schedule ahead of time and the processing began automatically, unattended, on Friday night. After just 14 hours they moved all user mailboxes to the new Exchange 2010 server!

Sunny Outcome
Reflecting on the project, Griffith said, “I was shocked at the ease of the domain migration. I know how cumbersome it can be to work with Exchange domain migrations, so to have the ability to just plug in some information and have E2E Complete do the work for you was just amazing. We couldn’t have done it without Binary Tree.”

Did you know? E2E Complete can easily migrate public folder data to public folder mailboxes within Exchange 2013 or Office 365! Learn more here.