Partner Enablement – How We Know When It’s Working

Binary Tree SMART UniversityMost software solution providers have some type of partner program, but not all programs are created equally. At Binary Tree, we take the relationship between our technical staff and partners very seriously. So much so, that we completely revamped our partner program about a year ago. And we’re writing about it now because we are certain that it’s working.

Naturally, we want our partners to have a good understanding of our solutions, get access to training and support materials, be able to improve delivery, and ultimately make more money. But how do you build a true community – one where partners collaborate with each other?

Make someone responsible for partner enablement
First, make an investment in someone responsible for partner enablement—that would be me. I am the Sales Engineering Manager but also own technical partner management here at Binary Tree. It’s important to have a point of contact to monitor our sales portal and message boards, as well as encourage our CTO and Solution Architects to contribute valuable, current content. In addition, I make sure we have a lot of activity and ensure things don’t get stale. Our webinars, news, and product information are top of mind. I can also see if multiple partners are experiencing the same issues and if so, address them or set up an equivalent situation in our lab. Many times, product ideas and enhancements come directly from our partners, so this is beneficial to everyone. All of these experiences work together to build and enhance a community.

Enable them to learn by shadowing on a project engagement
Probably one of the most important aspects of what we do is allow our partners to shadow us for their first engagement. We do the work and they watch. This removes all the mystery and apprehension of your first Binary Tree email transformation project and further enhances the relationship between software product vendor and partner.

Give them multiple resources
We also provide multiple key contacts, so you can get the assistance, knowledge, and support you need. Having the vendor (in this case, Binary Tree) provide a Technical Partner Manager and Business Development Manager to assist from their different areas ensure that you, the partner, are getting the information you need to be successful. We also align our Partner Management team with our Managed Partners’ teams. This ensures that whether you are in EMEA, North America, or APJ, you have a dedicated team to assist you with either business or technology issues. Lastly, we have also added a Senior Partner Support Engineer to the team, so if you do run into issues from a support perspective, they will get assigned your case and make sure you get the assistance you need.

The Binary Tree online community provides the following benefits and, by the way, they are all FREE:

  • Sales Portal – a portal for lead sharing and reporting for qualifying partners
  • Online Training - online sales and technical training
  • Product & Solution Forums – if you have a question post it in a forum
  • CTO and Subject Matter Expert Blogs
  • Product News – latest updates on BT solutions and new releases
  • Sales and Technical Resource Materials
  • Solutions
  • Message Boards
  • RSS Feeds

Bottom Line:
At Binary Tree, we thought long and hard regarding the appropriate way to ensure we provided value to our partners, and we did this by speaking to our partners to see what would help them be successful. To build a truly collaborative relationship, you need to have a business development manager, technology person, and senior support engineer available to help the partner community. That’s how we work and we have found that it’s the smoothest path to successful product delivery.

For more information on our partner program, send us an email