It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s actually Binary Tree!

Come hear about Binary Tree’s amazing migration feats at our upcoming webinar on March 24th, “Lessons Learned”, where we’ll delve into three client case studies that have significant takeaways. Read the synopsis that follows.

Lessons Learned from Exchange Migrations Chalkboard
Faster than a locomotive; leaps tall buildings in a single bound. When one of the largest high-tech manufacturers in Europe was consolidating its corporate brand, they needed to migrate 200,000 employees from multiple business units in several countries—and quickly. Needless to say, scalability was top of mind. As one of the largest migration projects ever accomplished, much planning was required, but there wasn’t enough time to meet the client’s timeframe. This client initially tried some email migrations on their own, but couldn’t accomplish them fast enough and didn’t have the proper software to handle this superhuman scope. They then turned to Binary Tree and its partners for their combined industrial-strength solutions, methodology, and superior service. Our best practices included a thorough audit, gathering key objectives, and putting a suitable structure in place to manage a phased migration. In addition to sheer size, the complexity centered around getting the client’s public folders in sync prior to migration. Remember, it’s not the migration, but synchronization of the data that allows users to access all their data and applications. In our analysis, we learned that only 5% of the data was accessed on a regular basis—however, this was extremely critical, very large, and frequently-used data, essential to business operations. We helped the client synchronize all their data in record time with the flexibility to see public folder updates in a matter of minutes. So, why is Binary Tree faster than a locomotive? When it came to email migration we moved 80GB of data an hour—that’s 10 times faster than a typical migration. How fast can we go? Ask us to perform a proof of concept in your environment!

Hold the pickles; hold the lettuce. At Binary Tree, special orders don’t upset us. When a multi-platform, multi-national media company was combining several entities into one, they turned to Binary Tree. Having previously been a satisfied customer, they knew we could handle their special requirements. This client had tried to move some of their own users but ran into throttling limitations on their servers, as can frequently happen with migrations to Microsoft Office 365. This time, the client asked for a SMART Managed Migration, where Binary Tree used a virtual machine in our own data center and a remote control workstation with a VPN connection on the client side to perform the migration. Lesson learned: leave the migration to us!

While we’re on the subject of having it your way…Binary Tree is engaged in another very large and complex consolidation project where 43 entities, representing 500,000 mailboxes, current on three platforms, are involved. This project started a few years ago when Microsoft released Exchange 2013 with tight limits on the number of public folders that an organization could have. At the time, our workaround was to migrate public folders to Exchange 2010 and to migrate mailboxes to Exchange 2013, but now we’re using 2013 for both mailbox and public folder migration (Microsoft raised the size limits in the interim). The real challenge was that there were quite a few remote and offshore locations that did not have an adequate Internet connection to move all of the content from their users’ mailboxes. A single mailbox might have taken three days to migrate, which was out of the question for its business. Binary Tree’s tech team was not discouraged! Using our transport expertise—originally developed for our IBM/Lotus Notes solutions and honed further for Exchange-to-Exchange migrations—we created an entirely new product to handle the transport of very large mailboxes in remote locations with poor bandwidth. This is a case of addressing not only one client, but also an unmet industry need, with a creative, business-focused solution. Now, all of this organization’s users can be migrated in a similar fashion… and you can imagine how happy this makes our client.

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